We have been the sole wood floor people at the Governor’s Mansion since 1995.  For the Hershey Trust, Milton Hershey’s house installed flooring to simulate 1900’s look.  F&M college president’s house,  Kutztown University’s president’s house.  Latter Day Saints gym floors in MD WV and VA since 1995.   Lancaster Country Club party room (?)

Dr. and Mrs. Jason A. Phillips
“As we approach Thanksgiving, it seems an appropriate time to express our appreciation for the workmanship that created our new home.  We are very pleased with our floors, particularly with the finish you applied.  Thanks again.”

Jayma Wooditch
“Thanks so much for the beautiful floors in our home.  I know we are difficult to please and you went out of your way to do so.  We couldn’t be happier.  Please never hesitate to give out our name as a reference.  We’d love to recommend you.”

Dayle Biggs
“Thank you so much for a job well done.  I am very pleased with my new floor.  I never thought that it would look so good considering the disaster I uncovered when I pulled up the carpet!  Next, because of your efforts, I will plan on having my living room and dining room done.”

Claudia and David Van Hook
“I just wanted to write you a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for keeping your word and coming back to fix my floors and do so in a timely fashion and to have done it all well.  We are very pleased with the finished product.  We really appreciated how Kevin tried hard to make the really marred area in front of the door look so much better .”

Kim and Jim Fortney
“Just wanted to say thank you for coming out and making sure our living room floor was done right.  The finish is 100% better and we’re more than pleased with your work.  Thanks again!”

Cynthia Sidman
“I was visiting York this month and I got a chance to see the flooring job.  It looked beautiful!  Thank you for your excellent service and your patience in getting the balance to you.”

Aliza Forn
“The floors are beautiful!  Thanks for another excellent job.”

Betty M. Sherman
“The floors really look beautiful.  The grain that was brought out is really nice, and the overall look truly is ‘satiny’ . . . we found your employees very polite and hard working – no coffee breaks or cigarette breaks – we certainly will tell our friends how pleased we are with your service.”